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Jim Jordan Discovers New FBI Text Messages That Put End To Trump Russia Witch Hunt Once And For All

Rep. Jim Jordan has come under fire from the left over his passionate defense of Donald Trump. The left hates him for it, but moreover, they hate him because he makes a whole lot of sense.

The left prefers to keep people in the dark and they do a great job – how else to explain Bill Clinton and Barack Obama winning?

If we had known who these men really were, do you think America would have elected them?

Most say no and after the explosive picture of Obama and Farrakhan leaked most people feel duped.

As far as Bill Clinton…he lied under oath and the left protected him. Remember that when this whole Mueller witch hunt comes crashing down around DC.

Speaking of the Russian witch hunt, Jim Jordan just discovered the easy way to finally put this thing to bed.

Appearing on Fox and Friends Jordan dropped a massive bombshell that you know CNN and MSNBC will never report.

Jordan always thought the fix was in to protect Hillary and the recent text messages prove that according to Jim.

From Newsmax:

“Before seeing text messages exchanged between FBI agent Peter Strzok and agency attorney Lisa Page, people “suspected the fix was in” concerning 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s investigation, but now, it’s known for sure, Rep. Jim Jordan said Friday.”


Page wrote one text saying she was “encouraged to know there were not going to be charged with a crime in connection with her use of a private email server” said Jordan.

“If the fix was in on the Clinton investigation and then these same people, top people at the FBI started and ran the Trump-Russia investigation, might there be some bad things going on there as well,” Jordan asked. “As you look at text messages, it sure looks like there is.”

Correct. This whole thing stinks.

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