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REPORT: Attorney General Announces CRIMINAL CHARGES Against Barack Obama – This Changes Everything

Nobody ever cared about what Obama did. If you said anything negative it was because you were racist.

The media as they are now blinded by hate for a real President were then blinded by love of their precious Obama.

With President Obama immediately upon leaving office establishing a private website and proclaiming on it that:

“I won’t stop; in fact, I will be right there with you, as a citizen, for all my days that remain.”

It’s obvious to even laymen to deduce that  “The Berkeley riots May have been ordered by President Obama himself.”

There is enough evidence for the FBI to implicate Obama for Sedition and treason but behind the scenes, there is fierce debate over the fallout including worrying about traitors at all levels of government if action was taken against the Agitator in chief.

Many concerns have been raised due to his gathering around him an “army of agitators” (numbering more than 30,000) who he commands from a bunker less than two blocks from the White House.

“Barack Obama, who many claims will be creating a shadow government to frustrate the policy goals of this administration, we’re looking at something that’s coming very close to, it seems to me, sedition,” Lou Dobbs revealed

Well not anymore!

US District Attorney Boente is allegedly behind the scenes advocating that a grand jury is impaneled to charge the former president with treason.

This may not happen because experts warn if that should occur, it could, most assuredly, plunge the United States into open civil warfare followed quickly by martial law.

We are at an impasse and what happens in the next few months will shape America’s future.

Wake up America, we are all on the same team, it is team UNITED States of America. How about us all uniting to make this once again a great Country.


The whole truth is that this has to happen and we published this information on February why nothing happened we can ask the lying MSM that protects Obama and attacks President Trump!

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